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Parker's Electrical NQ | Townsville Electrical Contractor & Electrician Parker's Electrical NQ is an Electrical Contractors servicing the Townsville area, the company is a family own and operated business based in Cranbrook - Townsville, it was started in 2014 and has been steadily increasing customer base ever since with many customers herring about us from friends or family.    Parker's Electrical NQ are experts when it comes to electrical maintenance on your house, business or appliances. We work on all Domestic Commercial and Industrial Sites, the work we do includes  Switchboard Upgrades, Ergon tariff changes, LED lighting, Installation of fans, lights, stoves, Fault Detection, test and tagging, Air Conditioning, a 24 / 7 emergency call out service.
       Gary is well known as being able to repair equipment that other electricians cannot fix, as he was trained by Graham Butterworth who was also well known and the experience of living in the west where parts where not always available, so you made do with what you have, but being in Townsville there is usually something available to take the place of the faulty part.
    Parker's Electrical NQ is committed to ensuring new and existing customers are offered energy efficient solutions that are individually tailored to their respective budgets and requirements. Our team of Townsville Electricians are highly skilled and competent in providing a full service, we can help with all types of installations, general maintenance and repair.
    Parker's Electrical NQ can help put your mind at ease with a 24 hour emergency callout service, we will react promptly and be ready to provide our trademark professional service.   
     Owned by Gary Parker and Toni Parker (Butterworth), Gary and Toni was marred in 1990 in Winton QLD and lived there until 2007 when they moved to Townsville to work for Toni farther Graham Butterworth (Electrical Contractor) in 2014 Graham passed away and Gary and Toni started Parker's Electrical NQ, in July 2019 Toni Passed away and Gary hade to chang the ABN and Lince No . The staff of Parker's Electrical NQ include Gary Parker, Zoe Parker and Caitlyn Parker.

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  Open Times are Monday to Friday 8:00am to 4:00pm except public holidays.

Ceiling Safety

     One of the most dangers places in your home for electricity is the ceiling, before entering the ceiling you must turn off all power to the house, even then a lot of home have the power coming in on overhead lines that then travel through the roof space to your switchboard, and on rear accessions these wires can be damage and if you come in contact with them or conductive part that has come in contact with them they will kill. So with this in mind the best option is turn all power off including the mains but as the mains often can not be turned off there are some precautions you can take. I would recommend employing a electrician to conduct some test for you, The first of these test should be to investigate before entering the ceiling, the way to do this is to first turn off the main switch’s in the switchboard to remove all power from sub circuits, then to open the man hole and with a torch have a good look around without climbing in, see if you can see the mains and where they run, if you can see all of the mains and they look fine then see if the studs are timber or steal, if they are steal i would recommend  at least testing with a test pen, at best with a multimeter all electrician’s should know how to do this. Even when all these test have be completed  there are no guarantee that there is 0 chance of electric shock as a cable just being moved can change this by rubbing through.
We are going to share some stories about electrical accidents in the roof .

A 25 year old Sunshine coast man suffered a fatal electric shock while working in the roof space of a Victoria Point residential boarding facility. The man came in contact with a metal structure that hade came in contact with a live conductor of the lighting circuit which was not on a safety switch.

From The Electrical Safety Office

Ceiling spaces can pose serious electrical safety risks to homeowners and tradespeople. Any person entering ceiling spaces needs to take precautions to minimise the risk associated with electrical cables and equipment and to let someone know you’re entering the ceiling.


Before entering any ceiling space, turn the power off at the main switchboard and take steps to tape it or label it to stop it being inadvertently turned back on by another person while you’re working in the ceiling. Some electrical equipment such as hot water systems or stoves may have a separate switch. The safest approach is to turn off all the switches and circuit breakers at the main switchboard. Even with the power off, avoid contact with electrical cables and equipment as some cables, such as consumer service lines, may still be live.

Use cordless tools and torches

The use of torches and cordless power tools will avoid the need for power when in the ceiling space. If power is required, then turn off all circuits except the circuit supplying the socket outlet you plan to use, but make sure the circuit is protected by a safety switch. Test the safety switch before you enter the ceiling.

Other potential hazards to acknowledge

Solar PV systems have DC supply cables which may be live during daylight hours.
Damaged electrical cables or equipment arrange will need repair by a licensed electrical contractor.
Check that insulation material is not covering any electrical fittings or equipment, especially down lights.
Other hazards may also need to be addressed, such as, excessive heat, confined spaces, dangerous vermin, sharp objects or asbestos containing materials.
View the Stay safer up there, switch off down here campaign films.

Venturing into your ceiling space with the power on puts you at serious risk of electric shock, or worse. If you plan to go into a ceiling space, turn off all main power switches at the switchboard first. Watch and share the Stay safer up there, switch off down here advert – a simple reminder could save a life.

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